2023 Cherry Season Has Finished, We Will Be Back In November 2024

Pick Your Own

Pick Your Own Fruit

Our 2023 Pick Your Own Cherry Season is due to start early November. 

Some online booking dates for the 2023 Cherry Season are now open. We will open earlier and later booking dates as the season progresses and fruit ripens.

Please be aware that at the beginning and end of the season there is generally less fruit than at the peak of the season. Also, sometimes throughout the season if  cherries have not ripened yet due to weather, there may be less fruit than when you have visited in previous years and of course, there may be more – every season is different!

There is no better way to experience the stone-fruit season — cherries and apricots  — and our beautiful countryside than by visiting our Pick-Your-Own orchard!

Open 7 days a week, 8am to 5pm during cherry season — November and December (or until picked out!) — when ripe fruit is available. OPENING HOURS

A condition of entry is that there is a minimum pick of 1kg per person over 12 years of age.

You are welcome to bring a picnic and enjoy our shady picnic area.

It’s a fun day out for all ages — there is lots to see and do at Ballinaclash!

Buses and coaches must contact us via email  — please contact us to book.

Buses and coaches without a confirmed booking will not be admitted.

Just prior to your visit to Ballinaclash please check this website for any updates or changes due to seasonal variations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know for a visit to Ballinaclash Pick Your Own!

How do I get to Ballinaclash Pick Your Own Orchard and Cellar Door?

Ballinaclash Orchard and Cellar Door is located 6km south of Young in South West New South Wales. Click here for Google Maps directions. 

If you are using a GPS put in “Ballinaclash Orchard” and the directions will come up.

We are about 4 hours from Sydney and  less than 2 hours from Canberra, Orange and Wagga.

When is the cherry season?

The cherry season generally begins around Melbourne Cup Day however because we are so dependent on the weather, each season varies and the 2023 Cherry Season is looking like it will start sometime in early November.

We try and keep this website up to date with information regarding each season, so please keep an eye on it. Our Facebook and Instagram pages are also a good source for up to date information. Alternatively feel free to contact us via phone or email for updates regarding the season. Please understand that this is a very busy time of year for us, so we may not get back to you immediately.

It is impossible to give an exact answer to this as it depends a lot on the weather. Usually however, we have pick your own cherries from mid-November to mid-December. Our shed shop and Cellar Door is open 7 days a week during this time and up until Christmas. If it is an early season, we may also have cherries early November and if it is a late season, we may even have cherries to later in December.

We generally have pick your own apricots late November/early December.

Our white cherries also come in around this time. Sour cherries are a little later. The sour cherries are not always available for sale as we use them for our own cooking and products. Keep an eye on our website, Facebook or Instragram for seasonal updates.


What cherry varieties do you grow?

We grow several different varieties of cherries so that we can extend our season. These are roughly divided into Early Season, Mid -Season & Late Season Varieties.

We also grow White Cherries and Sour Cherries. 

The varieties we grow include; Early Sweet, Supreme, Vista, Vagas (White Cherry), Santina, Ron, Samone, Stella, Lappin, Siliva, Rejinas, Morellas (Sour Cherry) and Sweet Georgia. 


What do I need to bring when I come cherry picking?

It’s a good idea to bring a hat ,sunscreen and insect repellent. Enclosed, comfortable shoes are best as cherry picking involves some walking.

You may like to pack a picnic and enjoy our shady picnic area or make use of our shared free electric BBQ. Tables and seats are  limited so you may want to bring your own, or a picnic rug.

Don’t forget your water bottle, however if you do, we sell cold drinks at our shed shop.

It’s also a good idea to bring an esky and ice packs to transport your cherries home.

In an effort for sustainability, we also encourage you to BYO boxes/containers for your cherries.



When do the pick your own apricots start?

As with all of our fruit, the ripening is weather dependent. The apricots usually start late November or beginning of December, however they could be slightly earlier or later, depending on the season.

If you keep an eye on this website or our social media, we will keep you updated; if you can not find your answer on our website then contact us for more information. 

What's the weather like?

You may be hoping for beautiful sunny weather for your day out picking cherries, but rest assured we are hoping and praying even harder for that perfect weather!  Of course this is completely out of our control, however we usually experience good weather during the cherry season.

Regardless of the weather, we are open 7 days a week during the cherry season, creating an authentic farm experience. No refunds will be given as a result of weather as cherry picking is an all-weather event – just come prepared!

If it does happen to rain and you would rather wait for a shower to pass before you go out to pick, we offer shelter in our shed 

If you are waiting for the rain to pass, why not  book a wine tasting and sample our award winning wines at the Cellar Door, participate in a cherry pie making class (you will need to book these online), enjoy eating our homemade cherry pie, have a cherry ice-cream, sample our full of fruit jams and much more.

To check on the weather prior to your visit, you can click on the link below. If rain is forecast just remember to pack your coat!


Do you sell food?

During the cherry season we sell cherry pie and ice cream and cherry ice creams. On some days we will be offering lunch. On some weekends we offer delicious locally home baked pies from The Pastor’s Pleasures.  Keep an eye on our website and social media for updates.

We usually have a good stock of delicious Coolamon Cheeses and  crackers which go beautifully with our jams, pastes and chutneys.

You are also very welcome to bring a picnic or why not pop into town, just down the road, and visit one of our great local cafes.

Do you grow white cherries?

Yes we do. They usually ripen late November/early December. Keep an eye on our Website, Facebook or Instagram for seasonal updates. These will more than likely be later this year.

Do you grow sour cherries?

Yes we do. We grow Montmorency and Morello varieties. These are late variety cherries so usually ripen mid to late December. We do not always have these available for the public as we love using them for our cooking and products so it depends on the season as to whether we have enough. Keep an eye on our Website, Facebook or Instagram for seasonal updates.

Is there an entry fee?

We have a minimal entry fee of $5.00 for all adults and school aged children. Preschoolers and infants are free.

* Please note a condition of entry is that there is a minimum pick of 1kg for anyone over 12 years of age which means you will be charged for 1kg even if you pick less, so it’s well worth picking your kilogram!

*Please note, there is a small booking fee for bus & coach bookings. Buses & coaches must pre-book via email and all information and costs will be forwarded then.


What other fruits do you grow?

Our cherries and apricots are available for pick your own but we also grow other fruits that we sell in our Farm Gate Shop. These fruits are available when in season: janerik plums, cherries, apricots, loquats, plums, nectarines, peaches, figs, sugar plums, table grapes, wine grapes and quinces.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are permitted in the orchard on the condition that they are kept on a lead at all times, they do not disturb or upset others and their droppings are immediately cleaned up and properly disposed of by their owner.
Strictly no dogs or animals of any kind are allowed in or near the shed, with the exclusion of registered assistance animals.

We reserve the right to ask you and your dog to leave if any or all of these conditions of entry are not adhered to. This is in the best interest of all of our customers.

Other animals are not permitted without prior written arrangement with owners.



Can you store our Pick Your Own Fruit in your Cool Room

Unfortunately we are unable to store your fruit in our cool room so bring along your eskies and coolers if you can!

Do I need to book Pick Your Own online?

Online bookings are highly recommended so that you don’t miss out. People with a booking are guaranteed entry. If you arrive at Ballinaclash without a booking and we do not have sufficient fruit, you will unfortunately be unable to enter our pick your own. Click here to book online. 

Can I do a wine tasting when I come to pick cherries?

Absolutely! One of the unique things about Ballinaclash is that it is a Pick Your Own Orchard, Cellar Door and Farm Gate Shop, so really, a one stop shop! Make sure you book your wine tasting online so you don’t miss out!

Are you Covid Safe?

For the past three seasons, 2020, 2021 and 2022, we have made every effort to safeguard visitors to our premises, our community and our employees by adhering to NSW Government Covid Regulations.  Although restrictions have eased we still expect that our visitors do not come to Ballinaclash if unwell.

Do you have Cherry Pie Making Classes?

Our Cherry Pie Making Classes will resume for the 2023 Season! As we are busy churning out our cherry pies for sale in our Farm Gate Shop throughout the cherry season, there are only limited times and spots available. All bookings are online via the Booking Tab on our website.


What are your opening hours?

During the Cherry Season, we are open 7 days a week from 8am to 5pm.

Our cherry season usually goes from early November through until close to Christmas. 

Our days and hours of opening vary out of cherry season, depending on what is happening on the farm, so it is best to check our website or social media for updates.

During the quieter Autumn and Winter months we open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 4pm and offer a number of wine tasting experiences, some accompanied with local food options. These can be booked online via our website. We also host live music and lunch events from time to time.

Can I change my online booking?

Once you have booked, if you want to add more people to your booking, you will need to book them in as a separate booking. Every person needs a booking. If bookings are full, you will be unable to add extras.

If you wish to cancel a booking, please send us an email with your Booking Number and we will cancel it for you. 

Refunds will only be given if 48 hours notice is given via email. No refunds will be accepted over the phone.


We appreciate you doing so, as this enables others to take your spot.

Can I drive into the orchard?

Generally speaking, we do not allow people to drive into the orchard. Cherry picking is a physical activity and involves some walking and also some carrying of buckets. 

How hard is cherry picking?

Cherry picking is a physical activity and involves some walking and carrying of buckets. Ballinaclash is a working farm and as such, there is uneven ground. A condition of entry is that you accept these conditions. 

How do I know what the cherries will be like before I visit?

Every cherry season is different due to things completely out of our control such as weather, seasonal variations and even pandemics, so when you book online we recommend that you revisit our website just prior to your visit to check on how the season is going. We do not contact you directly with seasonal updates.

Can I bring my own alcohol to Ballinaclash?

 No alcohol is to be brought onto our premises. We have water, soft drinks and of course our award winning Ballinaclash wine available for purchase.

Do you have on-site parking?

Yes we have free parking at Ballinaclash Orchard. 

Lost and found?

Please email us at fruitandwine@ballinaclash.com.au if you have lost any personal belongings and we will get into contact with you if they are handed in or found by one of our staff members.  

Do you have toilet facilities?

Yes we have newly renovated toilets for Ballinaclsh customers only. We also have a disable toilet facility. 

What is available at the farm gate shop

We have in-season premium fruit including cherries and stone fruit. We also have cherry pies and cherry icecream avialable.

Take home Ballinaclash wines, jams, sauces, and other goods. All made onsite from Ballinaclash fruit.