What’s On: 17 December 2019

All good things must come to an end and the Ballinaclash 2019 Cherry Season is closing soon – Sunday 22nd December is our last day. In the meantime we are open 7 days from 8am to 5pm. 

Wine tasting continues in our Cellar Door. Why not try our new sparkling – great for Christmas & New Year Celebrations. And don’t forget to order your cherry pies for Christmas, to be collected at out our Farmgate Shop.

Speaking of our Farmgate Shop we have pre-packed cherries as well as our beautiful stone fruit, jams, sauces, cherry pies and cherry ice creams, wine and we have a Christmas hamper to suit everyone – the wine lover, a pantry pack, a picnic pack and more! For an easy, ready to go, uniquely Hilltops, Christmas gift – drop into Ballinaclash to do your Christmas shopping!

Although pick-your-own cherries have finished for the season you can still pick-your-own apricots! Our beautiful juicy apricots are the perfect accompaniment to any Christmas ham. 

Cherry Ice-Cream & Wine Gift Pack

Pick-your-own Apricots are in abundance.

The team would like to thank all of our loyal Ballinaclash visitors.

What’s On: 12 October 2019

Well it’s nearly that time of year again and we are busy here at Ballinaclash trying to get things ready to open our orchard up for the much awaited 2019 cherry season.

The bees have been busy in the blossoms and there is a good setting of fruit. We were delighted that this gorgeous couple (see below) chose Ballinaclash blossoms as the ideal place to have their engagement photos and the very talented Canberra photographer @zeldagreen did a beautiful job creating some stunning photos.

Although the weather has been dry, we have been diligently watering so as to produce the best quality fruit that we can for you, our loyal customers and I must say, things are shaping up well for a great cherry season.

The cherry season usually runs from early November through until close to Christmas but of course it is impossible to give exact dates as we are now totally dependent on the weather as to how quickly (or slowly) our fruit ripens. Although we have had some very warm days, they are still interspersed with some very cool ones – in other words, we are experiencing a typical Spring in the Hilltops Region.

So … it would be best for you to keep an eye on our website for weekly updates or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep on top of what’s happening at Ballinaclash and so that you are the first to know when our 2019 cherry season begins.

Once our cherries are ripe, we will be open 7 days a week from 8am to 5pm but in the meantime, our Cellar Door and Farm Gate Shop is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm, so why not stop by this weekend and try our award winning wines, delicious handmade preserves and other local goodies.

Ballinaclash Pick Your Orchard, Cellar Door and Farm Gate Shop is on the Olympic Highway only 5km from Young. Look out for the big shed!

Engagement photos by @zeldagreen

Baby cherries – not long to go now!

Start planning your trip now to pick your own cherries at Ballinaclash, Young – the cherry capital of Australia.

What’s On: 12 December 2018

It’s hard to believe that after five and a half weeks of pick your own cherries we are able to say that there are still plenty of cherries for pick your own at Ballinaclash; so pack your picnic and sunhat and head to Ballinaclash this weekend for a great day out and go home with an abundance of beautiful Ballinaclash fruit.
If you are planning on visiting us next week, we recommend that you please check on availability via Instagram, Facebook or our website. We will be closing by Christmas, but the exact date will depend on how much fruit is picked this weekend. 

If you are wanting cherry pies for Christmas, you must have your order in by Friday 22nd December. We will have extra pies made and available at our Farmgate Shop, but once they are sold out, that will be it, so it would be best to pre-order to avoid disappointment. Don’t forget these pies freeze really well, so now is the time to stock up for winter – imagine being able to snuggle up by the fire with a slice of warm Ballinaclash Cherry Pie with custard and ice-cream…!

Had a couple of Cherry Pie Making Classes last week which were fun and some delicious pies were taken home by our budding pastry chefs.

We also still have pick your own apricots available as well as our pre-packed cherries, apricots, nectarines, yellow and white peaches in our Farmgate Shop.
If you are stuck for gift ideas, there is nothing nicer than finding a box of fresh cherries under the Christmas tree or how about putting together a hamper with our multi award winning wines, jams, sauces and verjuice. 

In the vineyard, we have started thinning. This is an important stage in the growing of our grapes for our premium wines. By thinning, we allow the vine to put more energy and power into its remaining berries which thus intensifies the flavours and helps ensure the consistent quality of our wines. At Ballinaclash, we believe it’s worth sacrificing the yield as we strive for quality over quantity and our swag of awards is testament to this. 

Please remember to check in next week for end of season updates.

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What’s On: 5 December 2018

The 2018 Cherry Festival is officially over however the 2018 Ballinaclash Cherry Season is still going strong.

We had an absolutely amazing weekend with people coming out of the woodwork visiting us to pick their own cherries and apricots in perfect weather.

Although the Cherry Festival is done and dusted until next year’s 70th Annual Cherry Festival, here at Ballinaclash we are continuing to welcome our visitors and we still have plenty of beautiful, ripe cherries available.

We have made over a thousand cherry ice cream cones in the last few days and are awaiting our waffle cone delivery as our stocks are running low. There is some very warm weather coming this weekend so make sure if you’re visiting Ballinaclash, you grab a cherry ice cream or a Maddy Pop, our refreshing homemade Cherry Ice Block. If you are a regular, you may be interested to know that we’ve introduced the Ballinaclash Cherry Ice cream Loyalty Card. Make sure you ask us about this next time you visit. 

The oven has been churning out our now famous cherry pies and at times we have had to take them straight from the oven into their boxes as our customers queued at the kitchen door! Don’t forget, you can pre-order your pies online to avoid missing out. 

The Cherry Express was enjoyed by many visitors throughout the weekend, whilst others chose to walk into the orchard. Many keen pick your owners took advantage of our extended opening hours last Saturday as we did our first 12 hour pick your own day from 8am to 8pm. The cooler, evening conditions were very pleasant for picking. 

We have our freshly picked cherries in our farmgate shop, as well as tasty apricots and juicy peaches and plan on being open until close to Christmas.

This morning, Pete and Ned are visiting our very accomplished wine makers, Chris Derrez and Lucy Maddox. They have the enviable task of barrel tasting our 2018 Shiraz and Touriga. We are very excited about bottling these, so stay tuned for updates on this. This will be our first ever Ballinaclash Touriga.

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What’s On: 28 November 2018

What a fun weekend we have just had! Very pleasant cherry-picking weather brought out the crowds. The orchard was buzzing with happy pick-your-own-ers and our shady picnic area was very well used. We even had a baby shower being celebrated in great style at Ballinaclash on Sunday.

Many people chose the Cherry Express to take them into the orchard whilst others chose to walk in and have a leisurely stroll around.

At the moment we are picking Rons and Vegas, as well as apricots. The Farmgate Shop also has our peaches and loquats for sale as well as all the usual cherry products – sauce, jam, cordial, ice-cream, wine and pies.

If you happen to get sick of cherries (but we can’t understand how that could possibly be!), then why not try our other delicious products made from our other fruits including quince paste, fig and walnut paste, chilli plum sauce, ginger plum sauce and our selection of homemade jams.

For those of you that don’t like crowds, come and visit us on a weekday when our visitors can enjoy the quieter picking conditions plus the bonus of being able to drive themselves into the orchard.

We are all getting very excited about this weekend’s cherry festival and to celebrate, we have decided to extend our opening hours on Saturday from 8am to 8pm.

So why not head to Ballinaclash for some twilight cherry picking – it’s such a beautiful time of day in the orchard. Don’t forget to bring your camera and a picnic for lunch or tea or both!

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