Pick Your Own Booked Out This Saturday & Sunday

Our Pick Your Own is booked out again this weekend.

There are still spots available the following weekend, December 5th & 6th,but they too are filling fast.

We have introduced online bookings this year due to COVID-10 Restrictions however please note, because of the large increase in numbers, we will more than likely continue with online bookings into the future. The reason we are doing this is because we do have a limit to our available cherries and we don’t want people arriving and being disappointed because we don’t have enough fruit!

We can not stress enough the importance of regularly checking our website for updates as changes beyond our control, can occur.

If you are thinking about visiting next week, please check online booking availabilities on Sunday evening to see if we have opened session. 

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing you at Ballinaclash soon.

This weekend will be picking Rons and Vegas.

We also have apricots available for pick your own this weekend (until picked out).

If you have missed out on a pick your own booking this weekend, you are still welcome to visit our Farm Gate Shop & Cellar Door where we sell our house made products,wines, cherry pies, cherry ice creams and fresh pre-packed fruit including cherries, apricots, peaches & nectarines (until sold out)

Pick Your Own Booked Out This Weekend

Unfortunately our Pick Your Own is now fully booked for this weekend Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd November.

After the weekend, we will assess how much ripe fruit we have, and then decide if we are able to open online booking sessions next Monday to Friday.

If you are interested in visiting us sometime next week, please check our website Sunday evening for booking availabilities .

The following three weekends are all available at this stage, and there is a beautiful crop of later variety cherries coming on.

The apricots should also be ripe soon.

Please note that even if our Pick Your Own is booked out, you are still very welcome to visit our Farm Gate Shop and Cellar Door.

Online Bookings Now Essential

Due to the number of people that visited our Pick Your Own over the weekend, and the volume of fruit that they picked, we have now made online bookings essential for our Pick Your Own.

By limiting the number of people that enter on particular days and at particular times, we are trying to ensure that we have plenty of ripe fruit for you when you visit.

Bookings also allow us to collect contact information which adheres to our COVID-19 Safety Plan.

You are welcome to visit our Farm Gate Shop and Cellar Door without a booking, however bookings are now essential for all Pick Your Own and Wine Tasting. 

You will notice that some days and times on our booking page are not yet been open for bookings. This may change as fruit ripens, so keep a close eye on our website for more booking availabilities.

All bookings should be made on our website. Please note, no bookings will be taken over the phone.

There are some beautiful Vistas and Rons ripening up at the moment, as well as Vegas – our white cherry variety.

Pick your Own apricots are due to be ripe early December.


Opening Weekend Success

Well what a fabulous opening weekend we had!

It was great to see some old familiar faces back at Ballinaclash and also to meet lots of new and enthusiastic pick your owners!

With absolutely perfect cherry picking weather, all of our customers seemed very happy with their buckets full of Early Sweet cherries.

The ice cream machine got a fair workout and we were kept busy baking cherry pies!

There are still some Early Sweets left to pick and this week and the next cherry varieties, the Lewis and the Vistas, will be ripening. The Lewis are dark and sweet with a medium-length stalk and the Vistas are a large, sweet, dark-skinned and firm-fleshed cherry.

Our early peach varieties are ripening beautifully and should be ready and available in our Farm Gate Shop this week. Sorry no pick your own peaches.

The weather forecast is looking good for the coming week, so it’s a great time to pack a picnic and head to the beautiful Hilltops Region for some cherry picking.

Also perfect weather to grab yourself our latest merchandise –our new Ballinaclash cap! Already proving to be very popular with our staff & dog!!!

Remember we are recommending everyone book in this year due to COVID-19. It’s really easy to book (and free!); you just click on the “Book Pick-You-Own” button on our website.

All groups larger than 20, buses & coaches must book in. Please email us to do so.

Season Opens Tomorrow – 7 November

Our 2020 Cherry Season is opening tomorrow Saturday 7th November and we are SO EXCITED!!!

We will open our gates at 8am, ready to welcome you with open arms (and 1.5m social distancing!) to Ballinaclash.

We are recommending everyone book online via our website. Groups larger than 20, buses & coaches must email us to make a booking.

This weekend you will be picking the Early Sweet variety of cherry; a beautiful early season variety.

 Pre-packed cherries will be available for sale in our Farm Gate Shop.

We will also have Pick Your Own Janeriks and Pick Your Own Loquats available this weekend.

Our Farm Gate Shop will be open and the shelves are packed to the brim with our goodies!

We are cranking up the cherry ice cream machine and the cherry pie aromas will start wafting from our oven!

Before your visit, don’t forget to visit our website for updates.

COVID Updates

By entering or booking to enter Ballinaclash, it is assumed that you agree to adhere to our Covid-19 Hygiene Measures to safeguard all visitors to our premises and our community as well as our precious employees.

Cherry pies about to go in the oven.

Our ever popular Cherry Icecream!

Janerik available for PYO this weekend.

Big News

The big news this week is that our 2020 Cherry season is about to begin. Hooray!!!

We will be picking the Early Sweets variety to kick off the season. This variety originated in the USA. It is rounded, slightly heart shaped with red to dark red skin and flesh. It is medium in size, has good flavour and medium to firm flesh.

Don’t forget to make a wish when you eat your first cherry of the season!

After some inclement weather last week, we have beautiful blue skies again, just perfect for cherry ripening and picking. Our Pick Your Own will open this Saturday 7th November & then continue through until close to Christmas or we run out of cherries! We will be open 7 days a week from 8am to 5pm throughout the cherry season.

We cannot stress enough how important it is this year to keep a close on our website for updates in case there are any changes due to Covid-19.

Although cherries is definitely taking most of our attention at the moment, we do have some other BIG NEWS……. and that is that our 2019 Tom Cabernet Sauvignon won the Trophy for Best Cabernet Sauvignon at the New South Wales Wine Awards held last week at the International Convention Centre at Darling Harbour, Sydney. Very appropriately our Tom, this wine’s namesake, was able to collect the award.

Looking forward to seeing you at Ballinaclash this cherry season.

Our Tom, collects the trophy for Best Cabernet Sauvignon (NSW Wine Awards).