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About Ballinaclash

Ballinaclash is a small pick-your-own orchard, vineyard and cellar door, owned and run by Peter & Cath Mullany and their six children and their growing families. It is situated near Young, in the Hilltops cool-climate region of New South Wales.

Ballinaclash prides itself in growing the best possible fruit for its customers, and producing boutique style products and single vineyard wines made exclusively from their fruit.

This video was produced by the Agribusiness Regional Development Association (ARDA), a not-for-profit organisation helping agribusinesses diversify to build strong and sustainable new markets.

From little things…

Established in 1965 by Peter’s parents, Michael and Bernie Mullany, Ballinaclash was originally a cherry and stone fruit orchard.

When Peter & Cath took over, they decided to diversify, and in 1997, aware of the ideal conditions they had for growing cool-climate grapes, they planted their first vines.

They continued to grow their cherries & stone fruit wholesaling mainly to the Sydney and Brisbane markets. By 2000, Peter & Cath decided to change the direction of their business, and opened up a part of their cherry orchard to the public for pick-your-own. Over the following years, the pick-your-own cherries market quickly grew, and each year, Peter & Cath opened up more & more of Ballinaclash cherry orchard to pick-your-own. Today, Ballinaclash cherries are carefully grown exclusively for their pick-your-own customers.

First established in 1965

Lots of fresh, juicy cherries and cherry products…

Fresh Fruit, Clean Air, Natural Surrounds, Family Fun……..

If you are looking for a fun, family day out, or you love the idea of seeing where your food really comes from, or you simply can’t resist the temptation of tasting the freshest, juiciest cherries, then you need to visit Ballinaclash Pick-Your-Own Orchard & Cellar Door!

Peter & Cath have also extended their shed shop and opened a Cellar Door showcasing their award winning Hilltops wines. They have continued to increase their range of Ballinaclash products, all made from their own fruit, including jams, sauces and delicious homemade cherry pies. Ballinaclash now has a commercial kitchen in the shed and so are able to produce their products on-site. They also offer Cherry Pie-Making classes during the cherry season, which you can book online. As you can imagine, their Cherry Ice-Creams made with Ballinaclash cherries are a very popular addition!

A visit to Ballinaclash Orchard and Cellar Door is suitable for all ages. You will experience genuine country hospitality, beautiful surrounds, fresh air, the amazing tastes of the Hilltops Food and Wine Region including the freshest of fruit and the most premium of wines, all in one place. You will meet the farmers who grow your food and are only too happy to have a yarn about how they run their farm. Ballinaclash is more than just a business – it is the Mullany family’s passion and way of life that they want to share with you.

And if you just can’t make it to Ballinaclash Pick-Your-Own Orchard & Cellar Door in person, Peter & Cath also have an online shop so that you can purchase their exclusive products from wherever you are, all year round!  Frequently Asked Questions