Cellar Door Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 

Finally we can say that we have plenty of beautiful ripe cherries.

After an extraordinarily slow start to the season due to to the cool weather, we have now had a string of warm days and more mild nights, which has moved the fruit along.

Please note that whilst we now have plenty of ripe cherries, we do not have an unlimited supply (unfortunately!) and that is why we have moved to an online booking system.

There are definitely more people wanting to pick our cherries than we can accommodate. By having online bookings we are looking after our customers by ensuring that if you arrive at Ballinaclash we will have fruit available for you.

Those who arrive without a booking will only be allowed to enter the Pick Your Own  if  we have more than enough cherries for our already booked in customers so PLEASE BOOK ONLINE SO YOU DON’T MISS OUT!

As every season is different we can not remind you enough of the importance of checking updates prior to your visit.

Our apricots are also finally ripening and should be available from this weekend.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Ballinaclash to pick some of juicy, ripe cherries.

The Ballinaclash Team