Cellar Door Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 

Now is the perfect time to visit Ballinaclash Pick Your Own. We have an abunndance of beautiful cherries for you to pick or buy. Today we are picking the beautiful Simone variety and in our Farm Gate Shop we have the equally delicious Sylvia variety. We also have the Vegas which are a white variety and the Morellos which are a sour cherry fantastically flavoured for cooking and jams.Book your Pick Your Own online now. BOOK PICK YOUR OWN

We have limited Pick Your Own apricots this year and so they will only be available to our Pick Your Own cherry customers. As long as you pick a bucket of cherries, we will allow you to then pick apricots whilst we still have them. Sorry, no availability for those that just want to pick apricots due to the smaller than usual apricot crop.

Cherry pies, cherry ice cream, cherry jam, cherry wines, cherry cordial, hot black cherry sauce, chilli cherry sauce……the list of Ballinaclash cherry products goes on and on.
We are looking forward to seeing you at Ballinaclash soon.