Every year is different, and this year the big difference is that it is a later than usual season. Consequently, unlike other years when we are running low on cherries by this stage, we still have heaps and heaps of beautiful ripe, juicy cherries available for pick your own or to purchase pre-packed in our Farm Gate Shop.
That means that you can have an abundance of cherries to share with your nearest and dearest for Christmas.
With the warmer weather the cherries are not only ripening up but they are also sweetening up. We are currently open 7 days from 8am to 5pm until at least December 23rd 2021. Book your cherry picking here.BOOK PICK YOUR OWN
It’s a great way to start the holiday season and the perfect activity if you want to get out and about with the kids.
Perhaps you could entice them to fill their bucket by telling them about our cherry ice creams!
Before you go home, you can stock up on your Christmas wines with our great selection of award winning wines and fill your esky with our apricots, plums, nectarines and peaches. Top your day off with a stash of our house made cherry pies and Bob’s your uncle!!!