Cellar Door Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 

What a wintery week we have had, with very cool temperatures and plenty of rain. 🌧☔ The ground is saturated, the dams are full and we are becoming experts again at getting tractors, trucks and utes out of bogs!

Unfortunately we have decided to remain closed due to the current Covid-19 Restrictions  😞 however that is giving us time to catch up on a few things and even enjoy a few weekends at home. 🙂

On the orchard there is much preparation for new plantings, and the grafting of cherries and stone fruit has begun. 🍒 🍑 With all this moisture around, weeds will certainly be a challenge in the Spring, and so we are implementing our strategies now to deal with this.

In the vineyard, the pruning is ongoing. 🍇 This is a slow and arduous task, however we are certainly making good progress and are on schedule.

We bottled our first ever vintage of Fiano and Riesling last week. The bottling of our 2021 Grenache Rosé, a portion of our 2021 Shiraz and our 2020 Cherry Wine is happening next week, so there’s plenty to look forward to on the wine front. Our 2019 Blanc de Blanc Sparkling will also be available soon. 🍾

Along with the very successful Australian Olympic Team, our good old 2019 Tom Cabernet Sauvignon 🍷 also picked up a couple of awards 🥈🥉 to add to its collection this week; one at the Cowra Wine Show and one at the Australian Single Vineyard Wine Show. 👏👏👏

Everything is so green at the moment, you could be mistaken for thinking you were at Ballinaclash in Ireland! 🍀

Until next time……………