Woke up this morning to a cracker of a frost which is just what our cherries love at this time of year as sufficient winter chilling  will ensure an even and full bud break in the spring. 

Grafting of cherry trees has begun and then of course there’s what seems like the never ending pruning in the vineyard.

We made our final batch of cherry jam last week, as well as our very popular quince jam. The smell in the shed as the quince was cooking, was divine! We are now all stocked up with jams for our Farm Gate Shop and Online Store.https://ballinaclash.com.au/store/

Unfortunately our Cellar Door and Farm Gate Shop are still closed due to the current Covid-19 Restrictions, however rest assured, we are very busy behind our closed doors, preparing for brighter times in Spring and Summer.

We bottled our first ever vintages of both Fiano and Riesling this week, which is very exciting for us, and we are looking forward to releasing it very soon so that you can try it too and be excited with us!

That’s about all the news for now, except to say ………….happy International Shiraz Day and we hope you have a Ballinaclash Shiraz in your cellar to enjoy, if not, jump online to our shop and order our very low in stock Joe or John Shiraz or you might miss out!  https://ballinaclash.com.au/store/