It’s hard to believe that after five and a half weeks of pick your own cherries we are able to say that there are still plenty of cherries for pick your own at Ballinaclash; so pack your picnic and sunhat and head to Ballinaclash this weekend for a great day out and go home with an abundance of beautiful Ballinaclash fruit.
If you are planning on visiting us next week, we recommend that you please check on availability via Instagram, Facebook or our website. We will be closing by Christmas, but the exact date will depend on how much fruit is picked this weekend. 

If you are wanting cherry pies for Christmas, you must have your order in by Friday 22nd December. We will have extra pies made and available at our Farmgate Shop, but once they are sold out, that will be it, so it would be best to pre-order to avoid disappointment. Don’t forget these pies freeze really well, so now is the time to stock up for winter – imagine being able to snuggle up by the fire with a slice of warm Ballinaclash Cherry Pie with custard and ice-cream…!

Had a couple of Cherry Pie Making Classes last week which were fun and some delicious pies were taken home by our budding pastry chefs.

We also still have pick your own apricots available as well as our pre-packed cherries, apricots, nectarines, yellow and white peaches in our Farmgate Shop.
If you are stuck for gift ideas, there is nothing nicer than finding a box of fresh cherries under the Christmas tree or how about putting together a hamper with our multi award winning wines, jams, sauces and verjuice. 

In the vineyard, we have started thinning. This is an important stage in the growing of our grapes for our premium wines. By thinning, we allow the vine to put more energy and power into its remaining berries which thus intensifies the flavours and helps ensure the consistent quality of our wines. At Ballinaclash, we believe it’s worth sacrificing the yield as we strive for quality over quantity and our swag of awards is testament to this. 

Please remember to check in next week for end of season updates.

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