Here we are already in mid-August which in theory is the last month of winter, and although we’ve had minute glimpses of spring, the cooler weather is very much still with us.

Frosty winter’s morning at Ballinaclash

As always, there’s plenty to do in the orchard and vineyard – rain, hail or shine. Rugged up, we continue pruning, grafting and replanting to ensure the best quality fruit for the coming season.

We are also busy preparing to plant a new block of grapes. The area has been ripped and the posts and pipes are lying in wait, ready for the planting of more Shiraz and the inaugural Ballinaclash Riesling. This reflects how at Ballinaclash we are constantly trying to continue to build on and improve what we are already doing well, whilst at the same time always looking to pursue new ideas and projects.

New grape block preparation at Ballinaclash

Wine Show Season is upon us and we have put our newly released 2017 Thomas Cabernet Sauvignon out there to be judged! So far we have the results from three of these shows, and we are happy to announce that the Thomas has won awards in all three of them – a great start for this young wine. 

Congratulations must go to our very talented wine makers Chris and Lucy Derrez who are one of the four finalists in the Australian Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine, Wine Maker of the Year Awards. Chris and Lucy have been on board with us from the very start and have always done an amazing job and we are thrilled that they have received this very well deserved accolade. Read all about it in the August edition of Australian Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine.

Peter & Cath Mullany with their wine makers, Chris Derrez & Lucy Maddox, at the 2016 NSW Wine Awards happy to have received NSW Wine Awards’ Best Cabernet Sauvignon Trophy.

We are starting to get excited about the 2018 Pick Your Own Season. Now that we are seeing the almonds in blossom, we know that cherry time will be upon us before we know it, but more about that in September!

The 2018 Ballinaclash cherry season is just around the corner.

Renowned wine writer, Huon Hooke, recently gave us some amazing reviews for our wines – check out this link for more information:

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