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What’s On July 2018: Winter & Wine 

Winter is well and truly with us now in the Hilltops. Great weather for sitting by the fire with a glass of Ballinaclash red! Only, of course, after a good day’s pruning is done.

Winter in the orchard and vineyard is a busy time for us with a very tight pruning programme. Gumboots, beanies and secateurs are the order of the day.

We are also spending time grafting and replanting in preparation for the next season.

Pete and Cath were lucky enough to grab a break in early winter to go and investigate the original home of Nebbiolo in Northern Italy. They gained much information about Nebbiolo and other Italian grape varieties which they are excited to bring back to the Ballinaclash vineyard. Whilst they were away, Ned capably held the reins with visits from siblings to lend a helping hand.

There is already a lot of interest about the 2018 Cherry Season and we already have several groups booked in for the pick your own. As you would appreciate, due to our dependence on the weather, it’s too early to say exactly when cherries will begin, but usually mid-November to mid-December is a good time to visit. Keep an eye on this website for updates regarding season opening.

Wine Show season is upon us and we are very pleased to have our recently released 2017 Thomas Cabernet Sauvignon being showcased. We will keep you posted with the results! 

Renowned wine writer, Huon Hooke, recently gave us some amazing reviews for our wines – check out this link for more information: https://www.therealreview.com/wineries/23088/

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